Thursday, April 07, 2011

Why is this man carrying a giant fish?
Follow up show (I know, I know, I think I'm Oprah sometimes)
I (K) have had the worst cold of my life this week, but things still keep happening despite the fact that I haven't been outside since Sunday.

Gabriella, the one I met at the parent teacher conferences, came with Adriana for lunch on Tuesday and she said that she might know of a Web Master job for F at the PR firm where she used to work.  The girls went out after lunch to play ball and had a good time. Gabriella knows a ton about history, especially Italian history, and is like having our own personal professor.  She gave me some background on some kids in T's class who went to elementary school with Adriana so that I would understand that some of them are rough around the edges for good reason considering their difficult home lives. Today Gabriella is coming back because the Italian teacher who translated F's resume did a horrible job with both the Italian and the structure of it and she wants to help us to redo it.  So she is half professor and half angel, I guess.

We also got the great news that T's friend Greta can almost definitely stay here for the summer.  Their landlord offered them an extension for rent on their apartment and British Airlines seem to be letting them get past Orbitz' stringent guidelines for extending the period in which they can use their return airline tickets to Ar-Kansas (as the Italians call it.) This is a huge relief because no matter how much fun T and I have, I am aware of the fact that at her age it's just not the same as having fun with a girlfriend or two.

The second volleyball/pallavolo match also ended in 1-H's defeat, but Lucia took T over instead of us and so she was in a much better mood. Plus F and Lucia have been helping T with her skills and so she is getting the hang of this omnipresent sport. Afterwards they stayed and watched Greta and Caoimhe's (pronounced Kwiva) lose their match and then they all went out for gelato. It was an infinitely more cheerful experience.

My motorcycle accident/dry cleaner client is had the screws taken out of his leg yesterday and we are continuing to treat him in the hopes that his bone will grow back together.  My friend's mom with the hematoma under her knee said it is much smaller and she is able to walk again so she is thrilled with the bioenergy treatments.  I am also treating Federica's horse Siba who has throat and leg problems. My first horse client!

T is going to school for the first three hours today. After the whole libretto fiasco (see below) it turned out that the note meant just what it said, but her Italian professor is going to be there for the third hour so she made the mature decision to go and try and get her homework done during the first two hours. Then Greta's coming over after school so they can plan out their summer, I guess.

I am dreading tomorrow when I have to take T on the train to Prato to see her orthodontist without F, who has to teach his class.  I don't get how you know when to get off the train in time.  The doors close quickly and you have to hope the electronic signs are working because I can't see the station signs from the window ever.  Also there is a crosswalk with no traffic light where the Italian drivers never stop for you unless you step out in front of them. I hate that. T may need more metal in her mouth to make room for the six new teeth she has coming in. Plus isn't it awful when you're at the end of a cold and you have coughing fits that are uncontrollable and gross? It is so embarrassing, especially when you're trapped in a small space like the train car or waiting room.  The more I worry about it, the more I choke.

  It has been gorgeous weather here all week - 75 degrees and sunny.  Or so I'm told. The accordian player in Piazza San Michele is back to taunting me by playing the same theme from the Godfather and other hateful tunes in a maddening repetition. The city of Lucca is starting to get crowded with more tourists again. I can't believe we made it through the fleas, and the rains, and the holidays, and that it is really going to be summer soon.

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