Tuesday, May 03, 2011


I forgot to tell you a funny thing that happened at school when Paola and I were dishing about the Royal Wedding and Fabio and F were pretending that they were having their own separate non-gossipy conversation.  So Paola and I were just having a grand ole time tearing apart the whole Hats that Ate the Royal Wedding phenomenon and getting teary about when Will told Kate how beautiful she looked at the altar and how much he loved her.  Then we both shared our catty observation from the Canale 5: Mediaset Italian news live broadcast of the Wedding that the Queen is such a hard old lump of polenta that she didn't even sing. I mean even her husband was singing.

Later at home F's eyes were sparkling up with laughter when he gently pointed out to me, "You know the Queen wasn't singing because at that moment everyone was singing God Save the Queen and she couldn't very well sing it to herself, right?"

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