Tuesday, April 05, 2011

A ridiculous late evening conversation at casa nostra
T: Mom I need you to sign my libretto (a little green book in which grades and communications from school are kept.)
K: Okay, what does it say? Wait. It says you are leaving school on Thursday for an assembly at 11:30? Are you going to the assembly?
T: No.
K: So the teachers are going to the assembly?
T: Yes.
K: So you are done for the day at 11:30?
T: Yes. No. Well, you see, the math teacher won't be there because of the assembly and the Italian teacher won't be there.
K: So you don't have school tomorrow at all?
T: No, will you let me talk. Just let me talk.
K: OK already. Talk.
T: The math teacher won't be there and...
K: I know this part and Un posto al sole is starting. Can you say the part I don't know?
T: Just let me talk.
K: Okay.
T: The math teacher won't be there and the Italian teacher won't be there but the Spanish teacher will be there in the last hour.
K: So you're supposed to sit around being smistati (put in another classroom) with nothing to do for four hours until Spanish?
T: Yes. And they said that if we do stick around we are going to be interrogated.
K: So let me get this straight. If you do go to school where there are no teachers and nothing to do for four hours so that you don't miss Spanish class you are then going to be punished for it?
T: Yes. Just sign it.
K: I'm not going to sign it. I don't even get it. I'm going to write: Fammi capire. Volete che mia figlia aspetta quattro ore a scuola e poi dopo come un premio lei verra' interrogata? Stavate scherzando. (Let me understand. You want my daughter to wait for hours at school and then after as a prize she will get a test?)
T: "State"
K: What?
T: "State scherzando."
K: (sheepishly) Oh right, state. Just call someone.
T: No you call.
K: Wait! Why does it say Pesce di Aprile afterwards. Is this an April Fool's joke?
T: It was, but not all of it. Marta told us this and then she started laughing. But not all of it was a joke. I don't know what part.
K: Fine. I'll call Paola. (dial number)
Paola (on phone): Dimmi tutto. (Tell me everything.)
K: (I tell the whole story and she yells back and forth to her daughter who unfortunately was out that day. I am following along when all of a sudden I get really tired and realize I have missed a whole paragraph of what she said in Italian and also I am missing my show Un Post al Sole.) Um Paola, passo a T. (I'm passing to T.)
Paola: I'm passing to Chiara.
K goes to watch soap opera. F signs book. Sigh

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