Sunday, April 24, 2011

Random things

Hey it's T! I shall be writing a post about random things which I shall title Random Things.
I'm super creative!

Random Thing 1: interrogations. Otherwise known as oral exams. Let me compare it to the dream where you forget to wear pants. But worse. They happen about (literally) 11 times a week here. One can -solemnly- offer themselves to go voluntarily. If no one does that, then the teacher reads the names of kids who aren't interrogated often. Somehow my name is on that list every single TIME! Grr.. Or you can giustificare. Which I *think* is the same as saying "I'm really devoted to this class even if I got an F on the test just please don't interrogate me!!!!!!"

Random Thing 2: Not to brag or anything, but I'm better than my parents at cursing/dicendo le parolacce in Italian. In English, they far outdo me, and, in fact, they owe me 13 euro for the shoot-I-just-cursed jar. Well, I guess if they went to an Italian public middle school they would be as good as I am. But anyway here's a tutorial:
cazzo -a male part. Just throw it casually into conversation. Ex: What the (male part) are you doing?
Figlio di puttana -son of a puppy dog who gets around. Copy my classmate and say this to your teacher. Just kidding -- really that story doesn't end well! Vaffanculo -a curse word for how babies are conceived. Merda -comes from French. Be careful not to step in it.

A day in the life of a (not really) Italian pre-teen!

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