Saturday, April 23, 2011

 The pink panther
The first thing you must know is that the pastry pigs were filled with booze soaked fruit cake of the very best kind.

The next thing is that at the Indian restaurant tonight T wanted to play yet another round of "do you like the name. . . "
T: Do you guys like the name Harper?
K: No. It reminds me of harpoon which reminds me of whales and them getting killed tragically.
T: You, dad? Do you like the name Harper?
F: Nope. It makes me think about Harper from Wizards of Waverly Place.
T: Neither of you even think of Harper Lee? Not even for a second?
K&F: Nope.
T: Oy. You guys are a lost cause.

Apparently being in France is really giving us amazing language skills as we have all three of us started speaking like Inspector Clouseau.
K: T, will you come put away your purple boot? It is in front of the stairs. Somebody is going to get killed on it.
T: Oooh non I wouldn't want to endahhnger anyone.

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