Friday, April 29, 2011

Mi vergogno / I am totally embarrassed
K: Today it took me about half an hour to take T on  what should have been a 5 block walk to our friends' house for lunch. I  got utterly lost. T and I had to go to her friend's favorite gelateria to coax out the proper directions from the people who work there. They asked if our friends were German and then asked if they were not nice people (really?!!) and if neither of these were the case then they had no idea who I was talking about. But then they did know and we were only three blocks off.

Today was also the day that I made four embarrassing phone calls to this dermatologist's secretary.  The first time I rudely told her scusa instead of mi scusi or prego? or non ho sentito bene because I got flustered.  The second time I had phone troubles and had to call her back.  The third time went better, but she told me I would have to call back at 2 PM which was, you guessed it, just exactly when I was wondering around lost without my cell phone.  When I did call back two hours later, I was told that it was too late and that the doctor wouldn't be back until Saturday and when I tried to leave my phone number for the doctor  I had to put her off while I yelled at T because she wasn't paying attention to me as I was begging her to tell me my own cell phone number.

Tell me that these things happen to you. Lie to me, if you have to. 

T's post: First of all, Mom, the exact dialogue was:

Mom: Blahblahblah-dermatologist-blahblah.. T is it 689592?
Me: Huh? No, wait what? Huh..
Mom: 689592. You know. Is that the end of my phone number?
Me: Ummm........... Yeah.
Mom: You just made me look crazy!
Me: *realizes Mom doesn't know her own phone number, laughing hysterically rolling on the floor*
Mom: Couldn't you help me out this once?
Me: Still laughing.....

To my defense today was not a great day. Let me show the dialogue between my (crazy, looks like Ru Paul on a bad day) Spanish teacher and my deskmate:
Deskmate to me: Is this your white-out?
Me: Yes.
Spanish teacher to deskmate: You shouldn't be talking!
Deskmate: I was just---
Spanish Teacher: Especially not to someone with problems!
Random Kid: How much did you get on your last test T?
Me: 9 1/2 (out of 10).
Random Kid: (sarcastically) Yes teacher, she has problems.

(We're learning ordinal numbers in Spanish)
ST: How do you say sixth in Spanish?
Me: Sexto
****entire class starts laughing*****

And with that my day was ruined......

F: I went to my Italian class with chocolate on my shirt... But it was just a little bit, and since it was on my shoulder, it's too high up for anyone to notice--in the end not so embarrassing.

Actually the class was kind of nice. It was the last one for the Spring, and there were only five of us and we all went out for coffee with the teacher after class.

K: Show off!

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