Saturday, April 16, 2011

A life with theme music
I would hate to be the kind of expat who whines and complains about things when we are living in the most beautiful city in the entire world. BUT, if you will indulge me in this small rant. You know how I told you in the past about that the Godfather theme keeps breezing into my windows making everything I do around the house have a surreal quality, as though Marlon Brando is going to step out of the armadio at any moment and demand some grappa. Well, I have pretty much gotten used to that. This morning was one of those super busy mornings where I had a slight headache, and it is also happens to be the morning that the accordion trio downstairs have discovered the true power of their amps and superduper microphone.  This is the third super-long mega set that they have played on loop of George Michael's Careless Whisper to the point that I am seriously considering hitting my head repeatedly on the wall or investing in some high quality earplugs.

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