Monday, April 18, 2011

Countdown to Easter in Paris
So far we have:
6 tickets to the Eiffel Tower (I panicked when there weren't any left for Easter week except to the second floor at 10:30 at night on Easter Sunday which could really be disappointing for T who dreams of going to the summit. Then F found ones that go all the way to the top the following day. If you haven't gotten yours yet, the seconds are ticking away, people.)
3 plastic bottle for shampoo etc. (You can only pack 100 ml of any liquid and it has to fit in the transparent freezer bags and they don't sell travel size stuff in Lucca.)
1 new wheelie case to carry on
0 custom-made ballerina shoes, because yes, sigh, I am asking too much of Il Calzolaio. Oh and get this; he says there is still snow in Paris now, so I should be wearing boots in any case.

So far we are missing:
Socks -- not made of 75% polyester which I accidentally bought for T at the open market. T prefers her ankle socks in rainbow colors and mismatched, if possible. I prefer them non-flammable.
Reggiseni -- My Intimissimo bras deteriorated faster than you can say reallybadworkmanship and so I have to run, run, run to the good bra store. I have paranoid fantasies of the customs guy/doganiere holding up my intimate items for inspection so I try to pack impeccably.
Also Louvre tickets -- because they have to be sent to your house and good luck in Lucca, Signore, with that one.

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