Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Che Cavolo!/What the Cabbage?! ( a real Italian expression!)
C'mon. Dai. C'mon you are #$%@! kidding me. It's Monday night at 11:12 and I sound like Peppermint Patty for cryin' out loud. I have laryngitis and clients tomorrow and people coming over for lunch and dust bunnies on the floor.  This is Lucca on a Monday night. Usually it is deader than dead. First we hear a sawing sound.
K: What's that?
F: It's someone sawing something.
K: Sawing?
F: Or starting a fire.
K: Hee-hee.
F: What?
K: I bet they're rubbing two Americans together to start a fire.
Tanti Auguri a te; tanti auguri a te.
K: Oddio, they are drunk and singing happy birthday. That is never a good sign. 
F: Let's go to sleep.
K: How can you go to sleep? They have a microphone.
F: No they don't.
K: (meaningful look)
F: Oh yeah they do.
K: Let's go look! (K wipes pimple cream off face and covers her boobs.)
K & F: Che cavolo, there is a transvestite/drag queen doing a comedy routine downstairs and our friends Massimo and Alessandro from the restaurant downstairs are taking pictures! Oh you don't believe us? Look at this:

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