Monday, April 04, 2011

Capitolo tre in cui T e la sua amica Greta cavalcano i cavalli :}
Chapter three in which T and Greta ride some horses
I got zero sleep last night. Niente. Nada. I had complete pulse racing anxiety attacks coupled with sinus issues, chills and body aches. There was just a bit too much social pressure at T's school yesterday trying to build relationships with all of the parents to help her to have a satisfying social life here. It carried over into the night along with all of my nightmares which are always the same. Everyone hates me in my dreams almost without exception and I am miserable. The other theme is that everyone hates me and I have no where to live. Cheery! I kept thinking too how sucky it would be to have to cancel this relationship-cementing, perfect summer-like April day in the country that T was looking forward to with all her heart. All the while Fergie's song Quando, Quando, Quando blared in my head and got increasingly faster each time like a drinking game gone wrong. Or right, as the case may be. So I took quercetin, advil and some coconut oil and filled my pockets with herbal lozenges and off we went to Marlia.

It was all worth it. And I love Federica who I met at Massimo Pretty Hair (where she works) and her laid back boyfriend Marco.  We are all reading Horse Boy about Rupert and Kristin Isaacson and the amazing adventure they took to Mongolia to help heal their autistic son Rowan through therapeutic relationships with horses and energy treatments received from shamans. Federica and Marco would be interested in helping disabled kids but there is a lot of red tape to opening such an endeavor in Italy. Funding, anyone? They are real deal good people --fun and sweet, and they smoke like chimneys.

Greta had no fear of horses after her experiences at camp. It was T's first time and she was very brave. Wedgies all around. Even F took a turn. I felt like I shouldn't push my luck. Mine, therefore, was just  a sympathy wedgie. Take a look! I mean . . awww you know what I mean.

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