Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Well, why not
Well, why not? Via! I'll tell you the truth about how weird my life is:

This morning after T rode to school on her bike solo with her backpack/baby elephant in the basket.  I say solo, but I mean sola, and even though that is more grammatically correct it would still be wrong because F tailed her, riding half a block behind to make sure she was really fine.

Then I got washed and dressed and spoke on the phone to an eighty plus year old woman who had, I believe, a cancerous tumor of the vulva (which she refers to as her "natura") that was operated on.  Since the bioenergy treatment she feels great because the knot of swelling from her lymph nodes is gone from her groin/upper thigh, but she called because her daughters want her to continue treatment because they fear the cancer will come back. I don't have a protocol for treating the fears of a third person so I told her that it would be better if she could tell me specifically what she needs help with and then I'd be glad to help her again. This in rusty Italian on the phone for Lord's sake. Plus she asked me if I was religious and asked me if I wanted to listen to something Maria something on the radio. I don't have the vocabulary to say that the energy work is strictly secular and that I'm spiritual rather than religious so I just smile loudly in Italian and hope for the best.

Then a woman who I met for five minutes in the herb store shows up because she has thyroid issues and a nodule on her vocal chords and some nerve pain on the right side of her body. She wants to tell me all about her deepest emotional issues because she believes that I can see inside her and find what is blocked even though I have explained several times that bioenergy has to do with people using their own energy to cure themselves with just a little help from their therapist "friends" and that she really doesn't need to tell me anything personal. But she does anyway. And I do the protocol for the thyroid and she swoons all over the place and there is a lot of heat and then she says, "wow what did you feel?" And I say, "what did you feel?" And she says she feels different than when she came in. And I say that change is good. She'll come back tomorrow.

Then I get my hair done and dish with Federica and Sonia about driving in Italy and the photos in the gossip magazines and then I stop and find out how my clients at the dry cleaner are feeling and then I come home. I talk to Jim on skype and he tells me I should eat pineapples and spinach today with spirulina and then we go pick up T from school. After lunch, I do bioenergy on T's friend Chiara's shoulder which she injured in gymnastics yesterday and her grandmother who fell last week and has a hematoma. Her grandmother tells me that when I work on her she feels pins in her hands and asks if that is normal and I say, "Well, for us it's normal." And she laughs. Which is good because she had a crap day involving a huge leak in her house and an upcoming visit from the Comune di Lucca to whom it has to be proven that there is a leak in her house.

And then Greta comes and T does homework with her (allegedly) and we go shopping and I buy a big chocolate hen we don't need from the chocolate lady because I want to know if her mom who woke up out of the coma is doing better, but she doesn't give me a clear signal that she wants me to work on her mom so I decide to stop because now that the mom is awake it seems like she should decide if she wants bioenergy or not. Then I get pulled into Max & Co. by Greta and T who leave me there with a super-enthusiastic saleslady who convinces me to try on eight different outfits and, in the end, I buy a pair of cool shorts that look like a skirt and will probably come in very handy this summer. And then I curl into bed with T and we watch The Tourist with Angelina Jolie and when F gets home from Autoscuola he gets in with us, and I think what  a totally normal day --I have nothing to blog about, unless I tell what really happens in a normal day.

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