Sunday, March 27, 2011

Totally embarrassing silence and the lack thereof
There is a very fancy clothing store on Via Fillungo called Umberto Musetti where children are not allowed to touch the 700 euro designer dresses, obviously.  Somehow T and her friend Greta are exceptions to this rule and have made friends with the patriarch and owner.  The girls wanted to introduce me to their new friend, but unfortunately, due to some sleep issues I've been working on, I had just ingested this very powerful pepper tea and reacted as though I had just downed a quadruple espresso.  Therefore, when the italian came out of my mouth all scrambled-like, instead of giving up I gave an oral exam on bioenergy, life in italy and T's love of fashion. Afterwards, they shook their heads and seemed to feel very sorry for T, having such a nutball for a mother and all.  Still, I was very touched by their kindness to T and so asked F if we could give him a loaf of his bread that he was making for our dinner party.  At first when we showed up with the bread, the man seemed surprised and happy.  He kind of pawned me off on his wife, who was very lovely and kind.  But then  as I was leaving he said "you really shouldn't have," which would have been nice except for the tone which made it sound more like "you really SHOULD NOT have EVER EVER done that." And so now I'm confused. Greta said tone is hard to interpret because old people are sometimes constipated. I think I'll just let them visit without me from now on.

Then we had the dinner party with my two friends from the hair parlour, Federica and her boyfriend have been to dinner before, but Sonia couldn't make it last time because her boyfriend had the long version of the stomach virus that has been haunting the city this winter.  I also invited Alessandro the designer and Tiziana, my friend that works at Luisa Spagnoli and her boyfriend Cristiano.  As a strategy inviting four people who know each other really well and two people who you want to meet for the first time (Alessandro and Tiziana) because they have a lot in common, and other people who you really don't know is a chancey endeavor. I hope people had a good time. The food turned out really well. F's zucchini pasta was sweet with the promise of spring and decorated with a crispy zucchini flower for garnish.  The artichokes, which had been braised in broth, lemon, and white wine tinged with pepperoncino and baked with cheese and bread crumbs, were really comforting and sophisticated at the same time.  There were awkward silences that Alessandro was able to fill as the hour grew later, but at the beginning of the night I did a little of the one worman K show in which I acted out the dreadful scene with the principal, played several members of the recent vollyball game, and taught them about the game of dodgeball, which in my youth scarred me in a post traumatic way so that if someone jokingly throws a ball at/towards me - I duck and roll.  Sometimes awkward dinner party moments bring out the class clown in me, what can I say. I hope we see those folks again.

Plus in name, at least, we joined a meet up group for expats in Lucca that claims to have a hundred members.  Hopefully fun times lie ahead.

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