Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Teachers are crazy/pazzi!

Hey it's T and Greta describing our (psycho) teachers!

The social studies teacher: Well, she told me on my first day that it wasn't her fault I didn't speak the language. She's not my favorite teacher. She has a wart, a slight beard and a mustache. Now I am sure there are woman with warts/beards/mustaches that are quite nice. My teacher is not one of them. Her class is more uncomfortable than "health" class. She teaches about stuff we have no desire to know. If you know what I mean......

The art teacher: He's a good artist but he never wanted to be a teacher as far as I can tell. My class may dislike him because he's very strict, but he hates us infinitely more. Once we had him substitute for the entire day. Looooongest day ever! When we paint he talks a lot about pasta and polenta (grits). Ex: "There's too much water and not enough pasta in your colors!" "Don't stir so hard!" "You're not making polenta!"

People should take a mental health exam before becoming teachers!

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