Friday, February 25, 2011

Sun drenched goodies!
Our being vegetarian is substantial cause for concern, or at least a major curiosity, for many of our new friends here in Lucca. Finally someone has embraced and celebrated it. Stefano was in a horrible motorcycle accident several years ago and has a bunch of metal plates in his leg and broke his rib and collarbone, so K has been treating him for pain with BioEnergy. Clearly it seems to be working for him. Not only do we pay a very marginal price for dry cleaning at his store and not only did he repair our treadmill but now the largest basket of glorious nature's bounty that you ever did see!  One of the vegetables that F instinctively prepared expertly with garlic and lemon turned out to be chicory which looks like a bunch of celery with leaves on the outside. 

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