Monday, March 28, 2011

Girl stuff, dai!

Today we got invited to have lunch at Gabriella's.  They live inside the walls, too.  They have a cool apartment near the anfiteatro. Her daughter Adriana is in a different section at school than T and so we were interested in getting to know them better.  The moms in that section mostly work and so they have a sort of cooperative in which every weekday a different mom stays home to make lunch for all of the children (today there were at least 10).  Genius! Since Gabriella's two boys were home sick, she said she could use a hand with serving up the meal. Plus I made more of the nestle tollhouse cookies and brought them with me to share. I had fun playing Bob the Builder with the littlest boy who I understood perfectly when he wasn't speaking through the pacifier in his mouth.  I got to use all the vocabulary words for tools that I thought I would never have any use for.

The girls were shy to include T at first, but after lunch they went off on their own.  T helped them with their english homework and they seemed to have fun joking around after that.  I offered to do a fill in lunch at our place when they need it since all of the kids seemed really polite and relaxed.  T is hoping that she'll get to maybe hang out with Adriana and her pal Francesca during the summer vacation. These girls seemed perfect in that they were not too sheltered, but not too much in a hurry to get into trouble either, (delicate, knowing cough).

What else? Ah yes, ladies who care about skincare, this part is for you: I forgot to follow up and tell you that after charging for 24 hours, that Mia Clarisonic brush was really worth the price, the wait, and all that craziness with the Poste Italiane. I love that little brush. My face feels so clean afterwards and glowy. I found it on ebay, but probably it would have gotten to Lucca faster if I had used That is my expat tip of the month. Now that we found the umeboshi paste at the Sri Lankan market, all that I miss --aside from people, obviously-- is internet shopping.

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