Friday, March 11, 2011

Getting an Italian Driver's License

We live in a walking city, yes. And we did that on purpose. But we did move to Europe all with the hopes of seeing more than 3 km of it and so probably in the end we will need to buy a used car and have the right documents.

Converting your International Driver's Permit into an Italian Driver's License as is required within one year of getting residency here is a process which makes getting a tattoo on your face look easy.

Here are the steps:
1. Go to the tobacco store and buy a stamp for €10,33. And get 3 photocopies of your passport photos.
2. Go to the motor vehicles office outside the city, get two other kinds of stamps, and an application form
3. Go to the post office and pay three different payments
4. Fill out the application and glue two of the photos in the right places
5. Go to the eye doctor and get a letter that you see well enough to drive
6. Go to the ASL medical office with the eye doctor letter and find the medico legale?? and pay €14,66 for a certification letter saying you are in good enough health to drive that you take back to the medico legale with the last stamp and photo for the health certificate.
7. Go back to the motor vehicles office with a copy of the health certificate and get a number? (PS the question mark is because these instructions are written in Italian so we can only read every other word.)
8. Buy a book to study for the test which as of this year is only offered in Italian and download a quiz for your computer
9. Bring to the test your identity card, your stamped application and your stamped medical certificate
10. There are either 10? or  40? questions and you can only get 4 wrong and in the end you pay over 100 euros for this license

Seriously, getting a pretty tattoo of a Panda or Fiat down one side of your neck sounds good about right now, doesn't it?

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