Thursday, March 31, 2011

I should probably write somewhere in this blog how I came to experience Bioenergy so some of the things I write make more sense. I had a hypothyroid condition/Hashimoto's so I started to take Synthroid medication. On Synthroid I experienced cystic acne and tendon pain that led to frequent tears and inflammation. My energy did not improve with the medication and I had to nap every day just to make it through. When I wasn't teaching at Body Reserve gym in Brooklyn, NY, I was in bed reading or watching television. It was really getting to be a "mife" -- mock life.

So when after seven years of training, it finally it came to be the night for T's black belt test in tae kwon do, a night we had all been looking forward to for years -- my back was completely out. I didn't know how to walk the five blocks to the tae kwon do school or how to sit there for several hours so I called my mother, crying.  My stepfather who suffers from a neurological disease that is similar to Parkinson's told me about Bioenergy.  I think he had been reluctant to talk about it before because let's face it -- it's a weird thing. He sent my photo to this man Zoran Hochstatter who was taught by Sdenko Domancic. Although Zoran was in Slovenia at the time, he said he would treat me and that  I should just sit with my palms up and hang up the phone and he would call me back in about ten minutes when it was over. I was super sceptical, but also desperate. I sat there and felt a tremendous heat through my spine and in my palms. I was able to go the the test, although after several hours of standing, leaning against the brick walls and watching my baby break through boards with her hands and jump over three people and break through a plank of solid wood with her side kick I was shaking with pain and my teeth were chattering.  The next day I had another treatment and I felt much less pain. On the third day, Zoran had a problem with skype and lost my number. I sat in the same place at the usual time and felt the same healing heat but this time I saw a circular ray of light between my palms and saw a series of images that came to me like the solutions to a bunch of questions that had been plaguing me. Afterwards when Zoran told me that he had lost my number I thought he was kidding. I told him it had been some of the most memorable moments of my life and that I would not be the same person afterwards.

And I wasn't. As a chronic list maker, anxious, neurotic and somewhat paranoid New Yorker, I had never ever been able to meditate. For the first time I was able to sit still and be in the moment that I was in without being stuck in the past or panicked about the future. I found these pockets of relaxing inbetween thought times.  After the fourth day my back was better than it had been in years and Zoran said he thought he could also help me with my thyroid.  In fact, after two series of treatments, I was able to get off of Synthroid medication. Jim Sparandeo's assistance with nutrition and supplements in that period was also crucial. Before I moved to Italy I studied with Zoran to learn how to give bioenergy treatments. For me, bioenergy has solidified the idea that people need each other to heal and that healing is not an individual sport. It is not pallavolo either, ha ha (see blog entry below.) Zoran is big on not adding a lot of bullshit to the healing, there is a Slovenian word he uses for bullshit that sounds more polite, but anyway . . . No imagery, you don't have to believe in it or click your heels three times.  You just do the protocols with your hands and at the maximum listen to some tunes.  Basta cosi. You can learn about it at or in italy there is in italian.

Out of the seventeen people that I've treated thus far in Italy in recent weeks, no one hasn't had at least some improvement. And about twelve have had total success stories. There is empirical proof to be had in that people feel heat or move when they don't choose to move, but the most important thing is that they get better. It is weird having this thing that feels like a heavy secret because if you blab on about it people think you are super weird and you can't ever convince anybody. Plus you can't bring clients in; they find you. The right people always find us when it is the right time for them. I happen to believe in God, and I believe that both energy and God are all about love, but nobody else has to believe that.  It's cool.

I could tell you lots more weird stuff that has happened with the Bioenergy, but now it is sort of part and parcel of our new lives in Italy and so we will just see -- accada quel che accada, vero?

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