Friday, March 18, 2011

Buon Compleanno/Happy Birthday Italy

It rained on Italy's birthday and so we went out with our giant umbrellas to hear the elementary school children sing the national anthem while everyone pushed and shoved to get under the stone archways. That is one long anthem, amici, or perhaps it repeats a lot for emphasis. We couldn't see any children due to the crowd and the shortness of the kiddies, but we could see the red, white and green balloons they were holding and the ones that  got away from their slippery little fists and became stuck on the stone ceiling far above our heads. Tatia had a crappy day where her plans fell through and we both decided we hate middle school more than life and made Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies and watched the ladies of The View on the internet, who come to think about it, seemed to be having a fairly crappy day, as well.

Speaking of theme repetition, let me bring up some of the ghosts of blog entries past.  My Mia Clarisonic brush finally arrived today! Or rather F went and got it out of its prison cell of a post office after paying the exorbitant custom fees. YAY! The bad news is that it was accompanied by three threatening registered letters telling us that we have to get some kind of certificate we didn't apply for within 30 days when our Permessi to stay here will be EXPIRED. Say what? Our Permessi are not supposed to expire for another five months! We went to the anagrafe office like the letter said to do, but there was a huge line and the ticket machine was broken again, so we went to the Patronato office that helps immigrants and they said that we had to go to the anagrafe office. I was so dismayed that F said we should just act Italian and march into the office of the man who helped us last time. That crazy plan worked. Can you believe it? He told us not to worry about it. I don't believe him so we are going to take the letter to Tatia's classmate's father whose wife works at the police station and who issued us the Permessi in the first place. She'll know what to do.

We are having intense times with the bioenergy clients. And the motorcycle accident guy who was mad that we couldn't heal his broken tibia fast enough is now happy at us because we helped significantly cure his son's messed up stomach valve. The old lady who I was treating for varicose veins turned out to really need help with cancer of the vulva and she also has had relief with pain in her lymph nodes. The lady that was in the coma had an operation to replace a bone in her head that they thought she wouldn't need because they didn't expect her to wake up and she continues to make a little progress. The friend with the frozen shoulder now has regained a good deal of movement and went off her pain pills.  The friend with the bursitis is also better. So this is all good stuff. Check out if you haven't seen the videos there and want to know what the heck I'm talking about.

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