Monday, March 28, 2011

Biking & babysitting, che bella!
F & I have come to realize that we are cramping T's style as we are among the few parents who accompany their kid to and from school every day, but that darn backpack weighs so much that it has been hard for her to carry it any further than from the classroom to the parking lot.  Many kids bike, but then you have to master the balancing act of supporting that baby elephant in your bike basket.  T practiced this weekend and is now ready to fly solo.  (Please, please, powers that be, keep your eyes open for my girl when I'm not there.) I understand why T wishes we were like ALL of the Italian parents who let their kids ride without helmets, but there are occasional cars and motorcycles here, even if it is a walking city, and the street IS made of cobblestones, people! Parents are such a drag!

T and Greta also typed up some babysitting cards on Saturday complete with graphics and have been out being pied pipers of i piccoli while trying to look old and responsible.  I think they could definitely be great mother's helpers.  I started at that age with a three year old whose parents were playing tennis at the courts in Central Park. But I understand that some parents wouldn't want her to care for a little one by herself at this point. Of course I could help out in that instance.  But we are always saying the usual parental stuff about blah blah blah responsibility, blah blah blah earn your own money, blah blah blah buy us a villa, so we support this endeavor 100%.

Today T found a sweet little three year-old girl in Piazza Napoleone that had a younger brother and twin babies in her family, as well.  Perhaps that is why she developed a unique ball throwing technique that renders her the center of the universe as she spins on her own orbit and then launches the ball backwards and overhead, fully expecting that T would go and fetch it and bring it back to her each time. Which she did. (see video.)

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