Monday, March 21, 2011

Cantar Vittoria/ We are victorious!
It turns out that Tommaso from last night used to be the City Manager of Lucca so when we took the threatening letter from the Commune di Lucca back to the guy at the anagrafe and dropped Tomasso's name, we got results.  The man we met with last time looked completely spooked that we were mentioning names and he took us directly upstairs to the author of the letter's office where we waited for one hour outside her door.  There were no chairs or anything. I kept telling F to look tall at them. When the responsabile finally emerged and we dropped Tommaso's name again she immediately went to the data entry lady's computer and they both apologized for the computer error! Victory! Cue the video with the cute children singing the Italian anthem.

High on our success at the anagrafe office, we went on to the Motor Vehicles Office where they told us to go to a nearby Auto School as step one in the process of getting an Italian drivers' license.  The very nice bleached blond lady with the terrible smoker's cough led us through all of the steps and said that she has helped people who understand less Italian than F does and not to worry.  This was very reassuring. First step is a physical for F from Dr. Di Dio and then to the Post Office to pay for the official stamps and then back for an evening class on the rules of the road.  Pray for him, friends.

Then when we got home F received an email from Tommaso's friend offering to consider him for a job teaching english to business people which F could maybe then parlay into website development classes or services. So this guy is like the Jay Z of Lucca, go on with your bad bureaucratic self, Hova. And also Yay F! Cooking really is the way to people's hearts. And that is a good thing.

Oh Wait. F wants me to tell you that the frati-doughnuts don't taste as good the second day. Wanna know how he knows that? Because he ate seven of them after breakfast this morning.

This just in. We hereby declare the 21st of March Victory over Bureaucracy Day because not only did we file our US tax returns, we also got Webkinz to withdraw automatic payment for deluxe membership. C'mon people, on your feet.

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Laurence said...

You stopped payment to Webkinz? I guess you really do hate America.... Oh wait, they're Canadian, that's all right then.