Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Chasing my own tail
The other night--in the midst of the worst of the flea ordeal--I went out on my bicycle to the 24 hour farmacia/pharmacy to get some Capstar, a pill that (theoretically) kills all adult fleas on your cat. When I asked the farmacista, she said they didn't have any for cats, they only had it for dogs. I asked if they might have some for small dogs, but she said no, only for big big dogs.

Dejected, I got back on my bike and headed home. When I pulled into the bike rack, I looked in the basket and my lock was gone. Thinking that it must have bounced out when I rode over the bump in Piazza Napoleone, I got back on the bike and retraced my path. As I rode, I decided that I would go back to the farmacia and get the pills for big big dogs and cut it carefully into small small pieces.

I pass the Piazza, no lock... go out through the walls, no lock... get to the bike rack at the farmacia, no lock...

I go back in and wait on line, rehearsing my speech in Italian to explain why I want the pills for the big big dog, but I get seen by the other farmacista, ask for Capstar and she brings me out the regular box which has a picture of a Jack Russell Terrier and a cat, but the Jack Russell is looming close to the camera lens and so APPEARS to be a big big dog as opposed to a little yappy one that is the same size as a cat.

Then on the way home, I found my lock.

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MsNadow said...

Fun story! Found your blog on the "Next Blog" button, am I glad I did! :) Aimee in Tampa, FL.