Sunday, January 30, 2011

Una Festa
Our neighbors Stephanie and Marco invited us to a party last Saturday night--luring T and her friend G with the promise of a seven month old baby attending. The baby lived up to his billing. He is always happy, never cries, and adores being held by new people--especially eleven year old girls. How does someone get a baby like this? T spent her first seven months of life crying every hour on the hour all night and they just laid Louis down in the playpen and he was asleep within minutes for the next thirteen hours.

It was such an interesting mix of people. Stephanie is from Tennessee, but she's lived in China and Australia and a million other places. John (who plays a taller, buffer Babbo Natale/Santa Claus at Christmas)  and Hazel (who is Native American and calls herself Nocciola for the Italians' sake) are artists from Taos, but they have lived in Tuscany for years and years. All the others--Marco from Milan, Gianluca from Calabria, Lucy and Ludo--the parents of the amazing baby--from Bordeaux by way of Manchester--have come to Lucca to work for a giant Swedish toilet paper company. We all had stories of trans-location to tell and how we ended up in this particular place.

The food went a little awry. There were some exploding tuna croquettes and a pumpkin that got mistakenly baked with the stuffing inside rather than baked and then stuffed, but no one minded because they were having too much fun. And then the Wii came out and created the funny moment of a whole sofa lined with people driving virtual motorcycles while writhing and cursing in a great many languages.

We're all going to get together again at the end of the month to go to Carnivale in Viareggio for Marco's birthday.

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