Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Survivor Tuscany
And then there were three. I'm talking people, not fleas of course. K continues to get bitten by the last dying stragglers, having discovered a flea colony living in her old boots. Today F laid down boric acid which should be our last bold strategy when it comes to outlasting, outwitting and outplaying the little hopping suckers. Maria Pia who we thought was in our alliance seems to have not grasped the emotional distress K is in about not having her beloved pets and continues to look at the situation from the cats' perspective. It is a sticky situation as Maria Pia's daughter really needs K to do the bioenergy treatments that have been helping her with a type of benign tumor she has in her shoulder joint. K has seen about 10 different clients, and some repeatedly, for the bioenergy treatments that you can learn about at which helped K together with Jim Sparandeo's constant guidance nutritionally to go from a life of no energy with her hypo thyroid condition to getting off the synthroid and having a more normal existence. That will be a longer post at a later date for sure.

I keep waiting for Jeff Probst to jump out at us and tell us we have won a great sum of money, but instead it has cost a ridiculous amount to save our home. There would be no point in moving as we could have to face the problem again in a new location and would have to spend months adjusting our documents and utility services, not to mention that police are due to knock at our door any time now--since we asked for residency--to verify that we live at this address.

T continues to face reward challenges with reluctance when it comes to getting the mountain of vacation time homework done, but wins immunity with her balance, puzzle solving skills and social prowess.

K of course has questioned every decision she has every made in her life that got us here, but can't imagine going back to NY where T was having nightmares and post-traumatic stress after seeing a man repeatedly cut his arm in front of her with a giant S-shaped martial arts knife on the 2 train one day when we wanted to ride into Manhattan.  It is brutal to see your child stop talking and then spell out the word k-n-i-f-e in the sign language alphabet and then turn around to see a mentally disturbed man with a blade dripping blood behind you. Should you pull the emergency cord, try one of the self defense moves you learned in Tae Kwon Do or wait for the train to pull into the next station? We don't ask that kind of question here.

F dreaded going to work every day and sitting in the little cubicle where for what seemed like it should be a lot of money we could hardly afford a small one bedroom where T did not even have a door to her sectioned off part of the living room. K was suffocating from a life that was increasingly small in proportion to her growing awareness of the truth about her relationships and her past and was getting to the point where it was painful to leave the house.

Still after all that studying Italian, communication is still a daily struggle. No one told us that there is a six weeks of solid rain from october to november. Everyone goes to do the same kind of shopping or the same road trips or the same bureaucratic business on the same days so there is always a line or a traffic jam that if we only understood a little more about we could probably avoid. On the plus side, the food is infinitely better and fresher--even if T would sell her her vintage Prada purse for a constant influx of vegetarian sushi. The air is cleaner. Everything is cleaner. The house, once we've seen the crisis through for another week or so, is worthy of envy by many who have seen it. The city is safer and T has more independence. The school work is brutal, but her education is top rate.  She will no doubt be attractive to many universities and be able to work anywhere in the world doing something that may both bring her pleasure and financial success. She has friends who adore her even if she wishes she could be with S from Brooklyn every day with whom she has a familial bond.

It is truly horrible not to have the cats with us, but we hope that they will be happy again one day soon in a new home. Jim thinks that K, but maybe T & F too, were allergic to the cats even before. K's constant colds and T's respiratory issues and F's eye irritations could be an indicator. It is impossibly hard to choose between living with the painful burning of the bites and the health risks that come with it and a child who is getting asthma attacks for the first time and the cats you love, but we have to survive as a family and we don't know how else to do it. I could write happy cheery under the Tuscan sun kind of poetry for y'all, but you can get that somewhere else. There's loads of it on Trust me, we've read most of it. And I hope will add our own lovely poetic family moments very soon. But that may have to wait for the Reunion Show.

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