Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Class of One Might Be Better
The follow-up to the Italian after school class for T is that four older boys did show up, later joined by two giggling Romanian sisters.  The naughty boys spent the whole class, unbeknownst to the teacher, cursing in English and looking up inappropriate pictures on the internet.  The teacher had recommended, even before the arrival of the new students, that T try the more advanced class on Wednesdays, so we will have to see who is there and how that goes before deciding whether T is more helped or hindered by the class, considering that she has a very hard night of homework on Wednesdays and will have three fewer hours in which to do it.

Meanwhile at her regular school T continues to blow our minds with her good grades, in the 7 range, with 10 being an A+.  She received 25 out of 30 on an Anthology veriifica just the other day.  Although the art teacher marked her down during the grading of her lovely landscape she made just because the poplar trees, which did diminish in size as they extended in the distance down a curved country path, were not at a 90 degree angle with their point of departure on the ground.  Still T is hard on herself and seems to constantly forget that she is doing all of this in a foreign language and is frustrated that one of her best friends seems to get perfect scores every time.  Yes dear, but she couldn't do this kind of work in English!  But T won't hear of it.  She is particularly unkind to herself about learning to play the recorder which is known as a flauto because the other children who have been playing since elementary school are much more advanced.  She keeps asking why they sound like they are playing a piano and cleans the little instrument continually to make sure it is not just dirty or malfunctioning just to spite her.  But really she has improved a lot, lo giuro.

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