Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The American Circus
And in the center ring you find, K & F on their knees for the fourth time cementing between every crack and crepa of their glorious 500-year-old tile floor.  Yes, the tiles are beautiful and no, we would not ever want to tell Sig. Paoletti that we ruined them in the pursuit of insect control; but surely there was some way to fill all of those black lines between the colored squares.

It was a real head smacker when K sent F out to the hardware store to ask if there was any way to seal up the cracks and F came back mere minutes later with what the cute couple who run the hardware store recommended: simple cement.  Why didn't anybody tell us earlier? The couple argued furiously for a few minutes about whether he should use fast dry or slow dry, but in the end, luckily for us, the wife won and we got rapid dry.  Unfortunately all of those little volcanic fault lines re-opened up within two days.  So there goes F off on his bike, losing and re-finding the lock, yet again, to arrive at our version of Home Depot (Bricco) where he came away with finer grain cement and a square spongy thing with a handle on the top.  From 9:10 to 11:35 that night, we crawled around peering into every crevice and trying to refill until K's back was on fire and she had abrasions all over her knees and F looked like an extra large salted pretzel.

It will never be 100% perfect, but we hope for the best.  And so far we have bought seven 3-packs of white athletic socks from the O.V.S, four of which are now permanently covered in cement. 

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