Sunday, December 19, 2010

The12 Days of Pre-Xmas
Well maybe it wasn't the plant and these little critters were just lying dormant waiting for some good heating and some furry kitty backs to climb on. We'll never know why, but what we do know is that we are now cut off by the pharmacy--and it takes an awful lot for an Italian pharmacist to cut you off... Since then we shaved the cat some more. And we flea-bombed the house in two stages. And we used the magic vacuum cleaner twice a day, every day.

Now the cats are on vacation at the Pensione per i Cani e Gatti. It took a lot of persuading for the very nice ladies at the Pensione to take two guests in mid-infestation, and the city was shut down by what was by NY standards, a small snow. There was no street number on the website, but over the phone they assured us it was easy to find. So after a forty minute wander to the edge of town with a cage in each hand, F finally sees the teeny, tiny sign tacked onto a fence post and then spends ten minutes bothering people by ringing their bells and not understanding which Italian curses he was being regaled with. Finally the very nice ladies come searching and escort him and the cats along the long road (which is only marked with a small handwritten sign marked Canile/kennel) through the snowy, foggy fields to the cozy little animal center.

So now Norman the professional exterminator is coming (please, please, please) with his van and special permit on Monday with the serious chemical arsenal to destroy every sign of life in the apartment. We have to vacate for 24 hours, put all the food in plastic bags, and open all the drawers and closets.  Thanks to the dearest mommy friend on the planet, Paola, T goes to a sleepover (ON A SCHOOL NIGHT!!!) We are renting a car and going to Colleverde for the night. Then, magari (which means perhaps and also sort of "with luck"), we will be back to some hint of normalcy for xmas.  Well, normalcy for other people as we have lost normal somewhere between Pisa and last tuesday.

12 Days of
One absent xmas tree (though we might do plastic)
Two missed xmas parties
Three times a day combing the cats 
Four phone calls about borrowing cars we never borrowed
Five sets of flea meds
Six calls to the Cat Pensione
Seven trips to the pharmacy
Eight pleading conversations with the Vet
Nine times we thought this was over
Ten sleeping pills
Eleven loads of laundry
Twelve weeks of hell...o

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