Friday, November 12, 2010

It rained on the last two days of Comix in biblical amounts and that made for some very soggy anime creatures. Sadly the weather pattern held for several weeks accompanied by every type of cold germ in creation, also probably wearing anime costumes, many of which made a home in my body thus causing havoc to my immune system. If you don't know that I have heavily relied on support from nutrition and health expert James Sparandeo for the past year and a half, you do now. He works with people all over the world by phone and so our move did not upset our working relationship in any way. Jim has seen me through many a health crisis and he is a genius of diagnosis, natural remedies, diet, and knowing what to say when. Sometimes he is a man of very few grunted words and other times he tells great stories and jokes; but the most startling part is that he has a gift for seeing peoples insides, their light and their darkness. He never judges; he hears what I mean behind my words. And even if he has no sense of time at all whatsoever he has a timeless wisdom that comes from somewhere bigger than him.

So to make a long story short, after a month of insomnia I moved into a month of constant respiratory issues and lack of stamina and two weeks straight of not being able to get warm and began drinking things like raw eggs with orange juice and begging various erboistas/herb sellers and friends for their olive leaves so that I could drink their bitter broth and get my energy back. Now I'm going to have my blood levels tested just to see what this damp climate has done to my thyroid, but I know in the end I'll be stronger and it will be a blocked memory by spring.

When I did go to the doctor here, I went half an hour earlier than office hours. It is only a block from the house. I waited out in the rain with the three earlier birds than me and had a chat about the weather with an older man who was very lovely, but either had a hearing problem or was really uninterested in what I had to say. The doctor arrived on his bicycle wearing a hat (you must!) and a scarf (roughly as necessary to Italians as underwear) and threw the office keys to the chatty gentleman. A group of ten or so of us trouped up the stairs and the usual discussion of which of us was the ultimo/the last one to arrive and who was going in first ensued. Once we agreed on our places people relaxed. My favorite moment is while I was sitting there with both a case of hot, itchy hives, and a bone chilling chest cold, the rain really started pelting the roof in a tragic, operatic way. The male part of a very Lucchese couple piped up with complete sincerity about how lucky we all were to be inside at the doctor's office while his wife nodded sagely and I had to admit that he was right. We bonded as a group and the first patients got their flu vaccines followed by the rest of us in order of arrival. The doctor spoke perfect English and did not even blink about my receiving energy treatments and not wanting to go back on synthroid. He was gallant in his smooth transition from his desk to the examining table and I left feeling funnily as though it had been a first date and wondering if he would call again.

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