Friday, November 12, 2010

Comix: Halloween Lucca-style
For four days at the end of October, Comix comes to Lucca.

That is to say, 200,000 people, largely teenagers, dressed in manga attire invade the walled city of usually 80,000 and cause mayhem. The good thing is that it means that T will not be deprived of Halloween here even if there is no real trick-or-treating. Instead there are dozens of circus tents filled with decadent things to buy that serve no useful purpose, games to play, and exhibits to behold. I found a candy store with jack-o-lanterns stuffed with chocolates and gummy eyeballs and fangs that I bought for T and her friend to make up for the lost sugar intake. T wore her bright red flapper dress from last year's 20's dance at school and fringed boots and fit right in.

Still there were times that it was almost impossible to navigate the narrow streets. Those who took the time to really dress up enjoyed being treated like celebrities as all of the tourists and locals asked to have a photo with them.

Many of the girls dressed as if they were going to a halloween party in NYC where the invitation specified "sexy" attire only; i.e. sexy nurse, sexy waitress, sexy mutant half breed, etc.-- you get the idea. We will cross that ugly mother-daughter fight when we get there.

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