Sunday, July 11, 2010

Siamo Arrivati

Backtracking to K's description of our first days...

Hi Peoples!

We made it!

F was a super hero as he had to carry 9 suitcases weighing 70 lbs. each and two cats around the Pisa airport and then (surprise:(!) on a bus to the rental car office and from the car to the new house.

Our interior clocks are very confused and we have not slept too much.  We were right about the house though.  It is so luxurious and beautiful.

The second day, we spent six crazy hours at Ikea and are still up to our eyeballs in instructions and little metal doohickeys.

The food has been fabulous. We went to the fruit and vegetable market and F made pasta with fried zucchini blossoms and sweet onions that was dreamy. Last night it was homemade eggplant parmagiano made from these eggplants that are bright magenta colored beauties and beautiful tiny tomatoes that melt on the tongue.

We got Italian cell phones for here (buy the phone at the supermarket and the SIM card at a different store around the corner--this will be a common theme). We have not figured out how to get internet service in the house (it's a long story) but our neighbors let us steal their password for service in the building. T is thrilled that there is a little girl and boy downstairs that she might  be able to babysit.

Our legal status is messy at best. We have a meeting early Monday morning to discuss our stay permit which we have an eight day deadline to apply for with the police station.

It is quieter than expected, maybe due to national mourning for the world cup. Even though we live above a restaurant they close at 11 and the church bells don't really get roaring until around 9:30 AM on Sunday. The most noisy thing are the Italian pigeons who seem to be much more vociferous than their American cousins and might possibly be singing operas from our roof.  Our kitties were silent and stunned on the voyage. Tivoli loves the new place, but Mango seems to have a little kitty post traumatic stress disorder.  It will probably get better over time, but the dog on the balcony across the piazza is not helping much.

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