Sunday, September 19, 2010

Vedo gli arcobaleni
So this has been quite a week--all good ultimately, but all challenging. We seem to be finally legal, though that was a crazy confusing couple of hours at the questura and in the end they put us in the perp chair and took our pictures (I think that's a good sign). The first couple of days of school have been perhaps even more confusing, with no idea what the homework is, nor how many of the 30 kili of books to bring.

Other pluses have been the double rainbow on Monday; the solemn procession through the city's drippy streets later; the magic at the questura; and this song by B.o.B. that has been STUCK in my head. Now I don't know who BoB is, or Hayley Williams, or even Paramore, but you have to admit that it successfully sucks you in to the hook.

Airplanes (2010)

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lalchy said...

I love Paramore