Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Un Posto al Sole
99 Posse is a jazzy ska hip hop conglomerate from Naples. After fourteen years and five albums, they broke up in 2005 only to re-form last year and head out on tour. Larded with politics and social commentary and an occasionally threatening bassline, their tracks drift lazily along with a Fishbone-ish attitude of throw everything in the blender and see what sticks.

Rigurgito Antifascista

Live in Torino 2002

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Friday, September 24, 2010

So the saga of the Spanish Book is as follows.

First we got the book list from the school and then by chance someone said that it is best to get the books from the supermarket because you get a 15% discount. But because the school had lost T's file in the bottom of the drawer, we didn't know if she was in French or Spanish. So there were about six books that we had to order once T was assigned a section and a language.

The word was that at the end of August the list of sections would be posted in a glass case at the entrance of the school. Being Italy, on September 8th there was an unannounced public lottery in the auditorium where the names of the kids in each section were either announced or drawn out of a hat--picture the sorting hat scene from Harry Potter. As soon as we heard T's name called, we leaped up and ran to the bookstore near the school where a slightly sour-faced man took the list and told us to come back Tuesday.

Tuesday we returned and picked up our order, but when we looked closely we realized there were only five books, rather than the six we had ordered. A schlep back to the bookstore brought a curt, "That book is out of stock, we can order it, but it may be months before it arrives."

Well we ordered it, but to hedge our bets, we went to other stores and ordered it there as well. When school started, T still had no Spanish book. The Spanish teacher then yelled at all the kids who didn't have their books (though this was odd, because she didn't have her book either). Finally in desperation, we borrowed a copy and scanned it page by page.

Then when we offered to email the scanned pages to another girl in the class, her mom said not to bother because they were going to the book warehouse outside town.


Yep, it turns out there is a massive book warehouse/school supply store about fifteen minutes walk outside the walls... So F walks out there and returns successfully with book in hand. We then proceed around to cancel all our other orders around town, getting grief only from sour-faced man.

As a post script, a few days later looking at the receipt, we realize that the book warehouse is another branch of the sour-faced bookstore...

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Vedo gli arcobaleni
So this has been quite a week--all good ultimately, but all challenging. We seem to be finally legal, though that was a crazy confusing couple of hours at the questura and in the end they put us in the perp chair and took our pictures (I think that's a good sign). The first couple of days of school have been perhaps even more confusing, with no idea what the homework is, nor how many of the 30 kili of books to bring.

Other pluses have been the double rainbow on Monday; the solemn procession through the city's drippy streets later; the magic at the questura; and this song by B.o.B. that has been STUCK in my head. Now I don't know who BoB is, or Hayley Williams, or even Paramore, but you have to admit that it successfully sucks you in to the hook.

Airplanes (2010)

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Thank your lucky stars
Not to say that I would ever do such a thing, or that it actually might have happened, but say someone were to have accidentally gone through Heathrow Airport with a big jar of Indian Ayurvedic goop that he had no idea was liquid-ish as well as a spinning plastic disco ball in his carry-on bag. And if that were to have happened, one would have to say how very very fortunate in this day and age that he does have a very innocent face and also that his daughter's best friend wrote her name and little hearts all over said packaged disco ball in such a way that it tugged at the heart-strings so that the security personnel would be too charmed as to have opened it up. Just saying, that hypothetical person was pretty lucky...