Thursday, July 08, 2010

Siamo Arrivati
When you arrive at the Pisa Airport and you want to drive to Lucca, one word of caution--don't follow the big blue signs that say "LUCCA." Go the opposite direction, unless you want to have a long and confusing drive with multiple stops to ask for assistance, turn around in the middle of traffic, and see a good deal of lovely Tuscan countryside interspersed with the Italian version of strip malls and suburban apartment blocks.

Especially not recommended to do this in a giant (for Italy) 9-person Fiat Peoplemover with nine enormous suitcases, two cats, a spouse, and a daughter all of whom have had about three hours of sleep and extended months of anxiety about moving, visas, jobs, language, ad infinitem...

But then finally after winding through the hills, you come to the train crossing just outside the Stazione and watch the donne ride up to the barrier on their biciclette balancing two big shopping bags in the baskets and you realize that you have done it--said "Arrivederci Brooklyn!" and made the great crazy leap into the unknown that you have dreamed about for three years!

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