Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Chamber of Commerce of Lucca

In the end it was the Camera di Commercio di Lucca that dashed our hopes of ever getting the visa before we had to leave New York.  We didn't want to change our airline ticket with the -for the first time ever- First Class tickets that would enable us to bring the cats with us and nine suitcases instead of six.  Plus T needed time to learn the language before her new school would start in September.

The first problem was that we had mistakenly asked to open a travel website which you can't do without having a license and eight years of schooling behind you.  The second problem was that when we wanted to open a business as a website design firm, we were the first ever to do so, and so they had no earthly idea how much it would cost to start that kind of business. And Italy, being Italy, they needed every signed document and bank account number showing that we had the resources to start this specific kind of business.  Ironically it costs about zero dollars to start this kind of business, but that is another story.

So we went visa-less to our flight and worried our pretty little heads that we might have to find a cat sitter to stay at our new home while we drove across the boarder to renew our travel visa status after three months in Slovenia if the visa situation never got worked out.