Tuesday, April 20, 2010

No in any romance language is still NO
So we finally got a solid answer today--it was, "No."

The Vice-Consul called K at home.  It was at that moment that for K all words of Italian ceased to exist and so embarrassingly the Vice-Consul immediately switched to English to deliver the news. No way were we getting a residential visa, but maybe we could start from scratch and try for a self employment visa. It would be much easier, she implied. Yeah, but wasn't that the visa with the full length declaration of independence looking poster at the consulate with a thousand pre-requisites including a whole host of dealings with the Italian Chamber of Commerce.  Much easier, she said, we will help you in any way we can. And then she hung up on K.

So F went out from work and paced up and down 74th St. calling back the Vice-Consul. His choice was to play it as an opportunity and say, "Thank you so much for offering to help us get the self-employment visa! Who should we work with at the Consulate? And can I have their direct line and email please?" The lucky winner at the Consulate is the slightly scary Supervisor from visit number two.

Once F hangs up, his next call is to Faith (seriously), a fashion designer who he had met in his last job doing a charity fashion show to benefit supportive housing. Faith and her sister had lived for years in Firenze and at one point had mentioned their travails with immigration issues. They had ended up setting up a company and employing themselves which seems like a fairly circular process, but if it works, than that is the route we will take.

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