Monday, April 12, 2010

Help from Unlikely Places
For ten years, F ran New York's largest mobile soup kitchen for the Coalition for the Homeless. Serving as many as a thousand meals every night of the year, the program is staffed by volunteers from every walk of life in NYC. Three of his volunteers were Italians working at the UN, so he wrote to each of them and asked if they might know anyone in government who could help us out.

Francesca P is currently posted to the Democratic Republic of the Congo--officially the deadliest place on earth. Despite this heavy weight (or perhaps as a welcome break from it), she writes right back and says that she knows a former Consul who is now an Ambassador who will make some calls for us.

Piero, our friend who runs Fattoria Colleverde, also has a friend who is the Italian ambassador to a Scandinavian country and she puts in a call for us to the Consulate, as well.

We also reach out to a fellow Park Slope parent who works for the City Council, a member of which gave Tatia a trip to City Hall based on her prize winning essay on environmental friendliness, she puts us in touch with a lovely woman in the new New York Senator's office. From her we get a letter of support that is also put to the attention of the Consulate.

Oh and we're not done. We also find out that the head of the Italian school where F & T are taking classes has a daughter who goes to school with the daughter of the Vice Consul and she puts in a word for us.

Our close friend Maria Grazia knows another editor at America Oggi and also asks around for us.

We giggle naughtily to think how freaked out they must be at the Consulate by now.

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