Sunday, April 11, 2010

Even though K is the one who speaks Italian, F is perhaps more inquisitive in poking around in the Italian plumbing. He found a very interesting column in Il Messaggero called I Nuovi Italiani/The New Italians, written by Corrado Giustiniani and then tracked down his email address and wrote to him in appalling Italian.

Corrado was extraordinarily kind and wrote right back and said he would ask around to see if he could be of any help to us. He got back to us within a day, saying that he had talked to somebody in an arts group which is brought to Italy all the time by the Consulate and that it definitely was possible to get that kind of visa.  So, in a way, Corrado is the reason why we didn't give up.  It takes some guts to write about immigrants in a country as conflicted about the issue as Italy.  He even had his daughter write some e-mails back and forth with T replete with emoticons of smiley faces, which is somehow very reassuring.

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