Friday, June 12, 2009

Two men with remarkably black hair
To be a little topical, I thought I would touch on current events--it is my friend Meg's birthday!!! And, although I am not sure she likes being reminded, I do associate her with a certain iconic New Jerseyan. So to circle the metaphorical square I am setting up (topical, New Jersey, Meg, and ummm.... something else), Mohammed Hassan is one of the most popular musicians in Libya (which is apparently rare because their pop scene tends to be dominated by their neighbor Egypt) and Elisa was discovered by one of Whitney Houston's producers after singing the Italian National Anthem at the Olympics. Here she sings a duet with Luciano Ligabue (which if you haven't made the connection already makes him essentially the equivalent of Bruce Springsteen).

Gawali Ainy

Gli Stacoli Del Cuore

Ysallem Alek (Live)

Elisa (Live at the Vatican)

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