Friday, May 23, 2008

Mistaken Identity
I feel a bit of an idiot. I had written a whole post describing this wonderful little band from Brooklyn, The Ting Tings. And I had made a number of neat and quite inspired illustrations of how they fit in a long string of wonderfully screechy and atonal american acts dating back to Romeo Void and tracing a neat path to The Gossip and Morningwood. It turns out however that they are a duo from Manchester, that's in England. So then I was of course tempted not to post them at all and instead, put up some traditional Hmong folk songs from Laos. THAT would have showed those Ting Tings! (But then you might not like me as much anymore...)

That's Not My Name

Fruit Machine (Live in LA)

Their MySpace

And Website

Buy The Ting Tings at Amazon

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