Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I really should have learned my lesson. It seemed like a very mild comment, but I have not seen that level of vitriol since I suggested that I would grow tired of the Fratelli's before the Arctic Monkeys (which in fact turned out to be true.) So in an attempt to make amends, here I offer you a traditional courtship song of the Hmong people of Laos performed by the Boua Xou Mua on the gaeng, a multiple reed mouth organ. This song is called "Tsuab Nplooj" and to avoid any further insult I will refrain from telling you that it is known in my house as "What on Earth Are You Doing to the Cat?"

Tsuab Nplooj

Ricky Soua Vang plays traditional Hmong music

Listen to Hmong music on the Internet

Buy Boua Xou Mua at Amazon


ply (woods) said...


I found your blog stumbling through page after page on blogsearch.google.com. I have to say that as a Hmong, it is refreshing to see how our traditional music are being enjoyed by others. That said, as a music enthusiast and a once dweller of nyc, I'm just glad to stumble upon your site. If you have any questions or comments regarding the Hmong people, feel free to ask.

fb said...

Thanks for the nice comment! I really really am enjoying this record and am very glad that I did not offend you with my slightly flip comments.