Thursday, May 17, 2007

Keep Your Hat OnLike an un-Disney-affirmed Randy Newman (is that grammatically correct?,) The Sharp Things are wry and whiney in a good way. A random collection of Brooklyn musicians--they often number as many as 30 on the stage--they have been playing in different combination for a dozen years or so. And usually I can attest to the general brilliance of a group, but here I can't. I just like this song and when I have time, I will click on the links below. They play Thursday night at the Luna Lounge.

I'll Always Be Your Loser Baby

Their MySpace
and website

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Jim said...

what a nice surprise. i'd thank you privately but you've provided no e-mail, so -- thank you. and please do make the time to listen to our new album. would love you to be able to attest to our general brilliance!

Anonymous said...

these guys rock...and they're really nice...see for yourself: