Monday, May 07, 2007

Reducing all music to its essence is "Good Intentions" by the Welsh bruising trio McLusky. It is a useful song to play on your way to anything that would be personally challenging. Now I don't know if I first heard this on the wondrous Roaring Machine, but that is a blog packed wall to wall with exceptional music. Jarring and jittery, a distinct side step from Liz's usual twee-tastic taste, McLusky had some of the best named albums around, including the source of this track: "The Difference Between You & Me Is That I'm Not On Fire."

Good Intentions

McLusky (Live)

Too Pure Records website

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Elizabeth said...

Ha! I was just remembering going off on that tangent about changing the words to this song up to match every day events. "My shoes are better than your shoes!"

Love a bit of Mclusky and revisiting them now. Thanks, Fraser!