Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Fun City
Enrique Bunbury and Nacho Vegas have a new record out, El Tiempo de las Cervezas. Each has had a long and successful solo career and here they trade songs and sing some duets. It's not as silly as it sounds on the surface, but a surprisingly rich and varied double CD of arch and experimental Mexican cowboy songs with an overarching Nick Caveish grouchiness.

La Pena La Nada

Días Extraños

Their website

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The best thing since sliced bread and you all are going to hate it I know. Marnie Stern is wild and flailing and cacophonous and immensely charming and great! She just has a new album out. Run run to get it! Crazy wonderful guitar playing like being trapped in a bag of cats.

Every Little Thing Means Something

Her MySpace

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By request
Erin Sax Seymour is a alt-country songstress with a new album out. She has a warm ragged voice and a nice eye for images.

Gale Force

Her MySpace
and website

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I hope you learned your lesson!
When next you go to Venice, you have to get gelato from Carlo Pistacchi at Alaska on the Via dei Bari and thank him for this music. As you savor the extraordinary flavors--sedano, celery, wasabi, radicchio--you can float on the shakuhachi of Tajima Tadashi. From Osaka Japan, he has preserved and expanded on this ancient zen artform. If you want to give Carlo a thrill take him some reggae on vinyl.

Hon Shirabe

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