Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Well just to be tricky, I thought I'd do another country tune...
Though you can't really call Steve Earle "Country" without quotes around it (or as one of my professors always called it: "inverted commas" (he was English and had a very substantial stutter and I have to admit for the longest time I thought he kept talking about "in verti commerce," though I didn't let the nonsensical nature of that, nor the little bouncy hooks he was making in the air with his fingers (otherwise known as the universal sign for quotation marks) clue me in to what he was saying.)) Anyway, I digress... Former bad boy junkie Country-outsider supreme Steve Earle is now revered for his authenticity and in-your-face pre-Dixie Chicks radicalism, though some of the latter period songs I find almost unlistenable. He plays the 12th at the Blue Note.


Hometown Blues (Live)

His website

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