Saturday, March 03, 2007

Kate Havnevik makes a lush and baroque dreamy pop. She's worked with the other half of Frou Frou (not sure if that's Frou or Frou) as well as Royksopp and Carmen Rizzo. Cracking the pop landscape via Grey's Anatomy and the O.C., Havnevik is playing on the 22nd at Joe's Pub.

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mjrc said...

i've decided that if someone is associated with guy sigsworth, it's a no-brainer--they deserve a listen. of course, i'm assuming he's the half of frou frou you mean! : )

mags said...

You're a little mixed up. Kate Havnevik is not the other half of Frou Frou. Imogen Heap is. Very similar sounds but 2 different ladies.

fb said...

Sorry I wasn't clear. Kate H has been working with Guy Sigsworth who is the other half of FF besides IH...

coco said...

I love Kate H. and Guy Sigsworth and Imi, they are my soundtrack to a rainy day. If you like that kida stuff check out Noiseprint as well they are on the same vibe I heard their music last week its really cool. I think they do everything themself so maybe thats why I've never heard of them before? Anyway check it out: