Saturday, March 10, 2007

I Saw a Live Show and it Was Great!
I really never, or almost never, well quite rarely, repeat the same artists, but I've just been listening to the new record by the Delorentos and it is fabulous! So so so so good! They will be huge! So, even though they were Monday's SOD, here they are again. They are tuneful and charming, hugely clever songwriters, and full of energy and boundless pop fun. And I want you to say that you heard them here first! Now I'm going to really date myself, but I saw another band this exciting from Dublin in 1981 and they went on to become U2.


They are playing tonight at Sin-e around 10:15, and Tuesday at Pianos at 11 and then they head to SXSW.

Eustace Street (Live)

Their MySpace<
and website

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