Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Lucksmiths are a very happy bunch out of Melbourne Australia. Tuneful and charming, they have been kicking around for a decade and they have a very playful and wry sense of language. Plus also not inconsiderably twee!

I found refuge in the kitchen
Discussing post-war US literature
With a girl whose upper arm read “fiction”
Like it might have been typewritten
I asked her its significance
She said she sometimes took reminding
What she wanted to be doing
Whether reading it or writing
I admitted admiration
For both typeface and intent
And said more softly — sotto voce —
I knew too well what she meant

Untidy Towns

Live in Italy

Their website

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Elizabeth said...

Hey it's my # 2 favorite boyfriends, The Lucksmiths. Did you know I got some mail today that I didn't even bother to open?

Spoilt Victorian Child said...

This track is great, and yep! does sound like Cinerama have heard this.


fb said...

And they have one of the best names ever!