Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Please Sir..
I always think of Morcheeba as a little bit magical. I remember first hearing them and even just hearing the name "Morcheeba." It was like one of those moments in a '60s psychedelic movie where the camera explodes into kaleidoscopic colors and everyone starts staggering around the room and falling over. On a less mystical level, just two producers and a singer, Morcheeba blends the downtempo trip-hop vibe with enough eclectic touches to make them actually interesting.

Part of the Process

Trigger Hippie (Live)

Their Website

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FiL said...

Honestly Fraser, thinly disguised drug references in your blog? Whatever next?? It's a slippery slope. More cheeba, indeed... ;-)

fb said...

Why I have no idea what you are suggesting FiL! If I had known there was any connotation to the word "cheeba..."

mjrc said...

fil's probably making that up, you know he's prone to doing things like that. ;-)

i love your description of morcheeba's music, btw. compelled me to download it, i tell you!

fb said...

Glad you liked it! It was hard to pick from some great songs.