Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Nordic, but not chilly
It is really astonishingly cold today, perfect for Norway's Maria Mena. Aside from a massive, and massively moving, voice, she writes songs that are shocking in their clearminded, yet raw, confessional achingness. She's twenty years old, but weathered by all of them somehow into a very mature observer of life and people. I am really quite embarrassed in a way by how much I like her songs. Listen with an open mind and see if you don't agree.

Miss You Love

Just Hold Me (Live)

Her MySpace


Book Stud said...

Oh my WORD - she is AMAZING!!!

fb said...

Isn't she? My wife was taunting me last night for my effusiveness, but it's so warranted!

Anonymous said...

Lookit my SotD tomorrow - am stealing this from you - I practically proposed to her. My GOD that voice!!!!

mjrc said...

wow, she blew me away. that voice coming out of that girl. incredible.

fb said...

I am so happy you both like MM so much! She has been my secret vice and I only most reluctantly and tentatively shared it. Yay!