Saturday, February 24, 2007

I was accused last night of going "mainstream," so just to dispel that rumor: Alicja Trout. She is in like nine Memphis bands, so what does she call her solo album? 13 Songs Not Right for Any of My Other Bands to Play. She also runs a record label in her spare time. Her solo material runs towards the gloomy and gothic (though there is some strange girly tweeness there as well,) but her other bands run a happy gamut of quirky oddness.

The Black Rabbit of Death

River City Tanlines (Live)

Her Mouserocket MySpace
Her River City Tanlines MySpace
Her Black Sunday MySpace

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1 comment:

FiL said...

This is good stuff! But alas, you've exceeded your bandwith. So no Black Rabbit for FiL...