Thursday, January 25, 2007

Shtick Shift
After the crushing seriousness of yesterday I thought a little plain fun was in order. The Detroit Cobras do covers of classic, but deeply obscure, soul and R & B songs from the '50s and '60s reimagined as joyous surf/punk romps as sung by Debbie Harry or Patti Smith. It's a shtick, but it's quite exuberantly spunky and well done. Though having mined the same vein for ten years, it must start to feel like being stuck at the same wedding.

Bad Girl (Oblivians) (In homage to Liz at The Roaring Machine.)

Magic Stick (Live)

Their MySpace
And website

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Elizabeth said...

I really like this! Thank you so much.

FiL said...

I had been hoping to see the Cobras play in Vancouver last year, but some trouble at the border meant they couldn't cross over. Sigh. Actually, i was more interested in seeing their opening band, The King Khan & BBQ Show. Now they do real scuzzy garage punk blues ...

fb said...

It is so nice to have some comments! So thank you!

Elizabeth said...

I'll leave you all the comments you want. I really, really, really like this one (like, I think I said that before). But seriously, the next time someone asks me about my favorite covers, I'm definitely mentioning this.